Jun 30, 2013

Christian Family Conference 2013

     Christian Family Conference 2013 will be held from June 30 to 5 July in Richmond, USA.

    The theme is "God is Looking for a Link". It is because they sense that "should the Lord tarry, it is urgent that saints gather again this summer. It is a critical hour, the Kingdom Age is at hand and the Lord is looking for a people to be a link between the Age of Grace and the Kingdom Age. The Lord desires an epoch-making vessel to prepare the way for the King. We need to encourage one another to be among those who are ready to bring in the King. This should result in our being committed together as a corporate vessel that can be that link to the Kingdom Age."

   The theme will be shared using examples of epoch-making vessels that we see in the Bible. It will be shared in three parts:

Samuel-The Link who anointed King David (Lance Lambert)

John the Baptist and others-The Link at the Lord's First Coming (Dana Congdon)

The Man Child and Overcomers-The Link at the Lord's Second Coming (Stephen Kaung)

  The conference will be on Webcast: JUST CLICK HERE

Feb 26, 2013

The Pilgrim Church Review

I read The Pilgrim Church , by E. H. Broadbent, for the first time in 1991. At that time, several brothers led a study group. One brother asked us to read this book and write a review upon completion.

It was quite a task for me to finish reading it even once because the book contains massive historical facts, including different places, different christian names, etc. However, this kind of active learning, not just passive listening, gave me a deeper impression on church history. Finally, I finished reading it with perseverance.

I read The Pilgrim Church for the second time in 1995. Then it was the third time I read that book in a reading scheme held in 2008. I was deeply encouraged by this book. Throughout church history, there were many saints in different ages standing for the Lord Jesus Christ, keeping the Lord's testimony and paying great cost for that.

F. F. Bruce, a
distinguished Bible Scholar, wrote the Introduction for this book. He said that the author used almost fifty years visiting christian bodies in central and eastern Europe. The author had fellowship with them for years and he had the idea of tracing their origins and history. So, he started a comprehensive study, including reading books and other reference material. This book was the fruit of his study and was published in 1931. 

Conerning the purpose of wiriting this book, the author E. H. Broadbent wrote in the Preface, "An attempt is made in this book to introduce those who have not much time for reading or research, into some of the experiences of certain churches of God which, at different times and in various places, have endeavoured in their meetings, order, and testimony to make the Scriptures their guide and to act upon them as the Word of God, counting them as sufficient for all their needs in all their circumstances." 

He also said, "General history is left out of account, except where the course of some of these churches requires reference to current events. Neither is any account given of what is usually understood by 'ecclesiastical' history, except in its relation to the churches or congregations of believers carrying out the teachings of Scripture, which are the subject of this narrative." 


Aug 2, 2012

West Coast Christian Conference(WCCC) 2012

West Coast Christian Conference 2012 was held from July 25 to 29 at Seattle of Washington in USA.

This time the theme was "Christ is All and in All" and the main speakers were Stephen Kaung, Christian Chen, Kwok-Hin Wong, Dana Congdon and Godwin Sun.

The titles of these brothers' speaking were as follows:

Stephen Kaung:  "Christ is All and in All"
Christian Chen: "Christ is Our Life"
Kwok-Hin Wong: "Christ is the Head of the Church"
Dana Congdon: "Christ is the Head of the Church"
Godwin Sun: "Christ is the Hope of Glory"

The messages are now available for download as MP3 file: