Aug 21, 2009

The Prison where Watchman Nee was imprisoned

I've visited Shanghai for two days this week. I went with two brothers. One morning, the brethren in Shanghai drove us to visit some places relating to Watchman Nee and his ministry. Without their help and guidance, we could not have visited these historical places in such a short time.

Here is a photo of the prison in which Watchman Nee was imprisoned for some time.

(I don't know why the photo was taken away. 20120607)

Watchman Nee was not perfect but he commited himself in the hands of God and was like a bread broken to become provision to many. He placed himself on the altar and be burnt to ashes to become an offering of fragrance before God. He broke the vessel to pour all the ointment upon the Lord, its fragrance is still be smelled until now.

He was imprisoned for many years for the Lord. Just before the time of release, he died in a labour camp, being with the Lord he loved so dearly.

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