Jun 28, 2009

Lance Lambert's Middle East Update

Uniqueness of Israel
Lance Lambert is a Jews and a Christian. He lives in Jerusalem. He is the author of Uniqueness of IsraelBattle for Israel, etc.  He has had his own website since 2007: http://www.lancelambert.org/. Its content includes different aspects of his ministry in audio visual form and written form. Among these, there is a quarterly audio recording Middle East Update, which gives his unique perspective on current events in the Middle East, in the light of God's word. This update is available on this website and also being transcribed into written form.

In the beginning of this year, Lance Lambert published the January issue of Middle East Update. He gave his perspective on the reason behind the recent global financial turmoil. He saw it as the judgement of God. He said most nations' policy on the peace of Middle East was to ask Israel to divide her land to let Palestinians to have their own nation. He said according to the word of God, the land of Israel should never be divided again. So, God used the financial turmoil to judge all the nations.

The May issue of Middle East Update has been published both in audio and written form.

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