Jun 30, 2013

Christian Family Conference 2013

     Christian Family Conference 2013 will be held from June 30 to 5 July in Richmond, USA.

    The theme is "God is Looking for a Link". It is because they sense that "should the Lord tarry, it is urgent that saints gather again this summer. It is a critical hour, the Kingdom Age is at hand and the Lord is looking for a people to be a link between the Age of Grace and the Kingdom Age. The Lord desires an epoch-making vessel to prepare the way for the King. We need to encourage one another to be among those who are ready to bring in the King. This should result in our being committed together as a corporate vessel that can be that link to the Kingdom Age."

   The theme will be shared using examples of epoch-making vessels that we see in the Bible. It will be shared in three parts:

Samuel-The Link who anointed King David (Lance Lambert)

John the Baptist and others-The Link at the Lord's First Coming (Dana Congdon)

The Man Child and Overcomers-The Link at the Lord's Second Coming (Stephen Kaung)

  The conference will be on Webcast: JUST CLICK HERE

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