Jun 28, 2009

Lance Lambert's Middle East Update

Uniqueness of Israel
Lance Lambert is a Jews and a Christian. He lives in Jerusalem. He is the author of Uniqueness of IsraelBattle for Israel, etc.  He has had his own website since 2007: http://www.lancelambert.org/. Its content includes different aspects of his ministry in audio visual form and written form. Among these, there is a quarterly audio recording Middle East Update, which gives his unique perspective on current events in the Middle East, in the light of God's word. This update is available on this website and also being transcribed into written form.

In the beginning of this year, Lance Lambert published the January issue of Middle East Update. He gave his perspective on the reason behind the recent global financial turmoil. He saw it as the judgement of God. He said most nations' policy on the peace of Middle East was to ask Israel to divide her land to let Palestinians to have their own nation. He said according to the word of God, the land of Israel should never be divided again. So, God used the financial turmoil to judge all the nations.

The May issue of Middle East Update has been published both in audio and written form.

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Jun 26, 2009

Brother Bakht Singh of India(2)

I've read the biography of Bakht Singh, Bakht Singh of India, which was written by T. E. Koshy. I was so touched by the testimonies of Bakht Singh.

From the Acknowledgements, T.E. Koshy told us that Angus Kinnear of England had a plan to write a biography for Bakht Singh. After he knew that T. E. Koshy also had the same plan, he gave all the materials he collected to Koshy and gave him very precious advices.

Angus Kinnear was the author of The Story of Watchman Nee: Against the Tide. When Watchman Nee visited T Austin Sparks in Britain, Kinnear was ready to be a medical missionary to India. Nee’s advice for him was that as a missionary, he should have a learning attitude. Then, he went to India as a missionary and that’s why the first edition of Watchman Nee’s famous book The Normal Christian Life was published in Bombay. It was the first series of messages spoken by Watchman Nee that Angus Kinnear edited. While Kinnear was in India, he worked with Bakht Singh for a period of time. If he had written the biography for Bakht Singh, that would have been a very specail thing, namely, the biographies of the two servants of God raised up in Asia to be written by the same author.

Bakht Singh was born in 1903 and became a Christian in 1929. He went with the Lord in 2000. Brother Bakht Singh of India, the biography written by T. E. Koshy, was first published in 2003.

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Brother Bakht Singh of India

Prophetic Ministry

In the Forward of the book Prophetic Ministry, T. Austin Sparks mentioned about two brothers. One was used by God to plant assemblies of considerable spiritual depth all around China. What Sparks spoke of was Brother Watchman Nee.

Another brother raised up many assemblies of New Testament character , bearing the testimony of the Lord according to the spiritual principles and example set in the Scriptures, in India. His influence extended beyond India and this brother was Brother Bakht Singh.

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The Life and Ministry of T. Austin Sparks(2)

In his sharing, Hoseah Wu mentioned a book about the life and ministry of T Austin-Sparks. The book is named Shaped By Vision which means that Brother Sparks was a man shaped by vision.

Hoseah Wu began with the family background of Brother Sparks. Brother Sparks met the Lord in his youth. Right after his conversion, he was zealous for preaching the gospel and pursuit of the Lord. Then, he showed a gift of preaching and became a pastor of a church. He also became a coworker of G. Campbell Morgan and Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis.

When he was the pastor of Honor Oak Baptist Church in Britain, God enlightened him and he saw the eternal purpose of God. Once he saw that, the direction of his life and ministry changed greatly. Seeing the light of truth, he could no longer serve in Baptist Church. He quited his pastorate and met at the other place on the same road. The new meeting place was named Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre and he started an influential global ministry both orally and literally. They published a free periodical called A Witness and A Testimony and Brother Sparks was the editor. Most of the messages in this periodical were delivered by Brother Sparks.

Hoseah Wu also shared about the influence of the ministry of T Austin-Sparks to the saints in USA and how he was invited to speak in the conferences in the States in the sixties of last century. The coworkers with T A Sparks in the conferences include Stephen Kaung and DeVern Fromke. There are many messages of T A Sparks, including those delivered in USA, available for free downloading at the website of Christian Testimony Ministry (http://www.christiantapeministry.com/).

Frank Viola, an influential brother in the house churItalicch movement in the States, is the author of the books Rethinking the Wineskin, Pagan Christianity, Reimagining Church, From Eternity to Here, Finding Organic Church, etc. He uses the term “organic church”, as contrast to organizational church or institutional church, to describe the church life out of the life received from God. As he said in his blog, he adopted this term with the insight from the ministry of T A Sparks. He said the ministry of T A Sparks had the greatest influence on his life and ministry. It is reported that about 9% of christians in the States are now meeting at homes, learning to lead an organic church life or a simple church life.

From the biography of Brother Bakht Singh, Bakht Singh of India, we know that the ministry of T A Sparks also helped Bakht Singh very much, especailly on the revealation about the church. Among the coworkers of Bakht Singh, some of them was sent by Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre, including Fred Flack and Raymond Golsworthy. Lady Daisy Ogle, who supported T A Sparks' ministry, also supported Bakht Singh's ministry.

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The Life and Ministry of T. Austin Sparks

Here you can find 4 messages on the Life and Ministry of T. Austin-Sparks shared by Brother Hoseah Wu, who knew Brother Sparks personally:


Very inspiring!

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