Jul 17, 2009

Christian Family Conference 2009

Christian Family Conference has been held every year in Richmond, Virginia of USA since about 1975.

The word "Family" doesn't mean that this conference only puts the emphasis on the matter of family. It just means that this conference is suitable for family members of different ages.

As far as I know, this conference is now organized by some fellowships in the States, including fellowships in Richmond of Virginia, Memphis of Tennessee, South Jersey of New Jersey, Washington D.C., etc.

I attended this conference in 1992 and 1996. At that time, the ministry time and group sharing were mainly for the adults. There were some classes for the kids, with similar emphasis on the main theme.

Besides, there were also another group sharing for the young adults and youth. All meetings were in English. In 1996, they provided simultaneous interpretation into Chinese. Those in need were given wireless earphones. The interpretator was an elderly sister. She translated the English messages into Mandarin in a remarkable way.

Usually the conference is held in summer time. The conference for this year has just ended on July 2. The theme was Preparing for and Hastening the Return of the Lord and the main speakers were Christian Chen, Stephen Kaung, Dana Congdon and Lance Lambert.

The following website provides records in audio and video form. These can be listened and watched on line and mp3 files can be downloaded for free.


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