Aug 28, 2009

Books by Watchman Nee

Perhaps Watchman Nee was the first christian from China who has global spiriutal impact. His open ministry only lasted for twenty some years. During that time, he only wrote a few books and articles but his messages of life had great influences in a wider circle. The reason behind was that he made good use of literary work.

Watchman Nee started Gospel Book Room for publishing his messages in China. He published christian periodicals for free. Many christians subscribed these periodicals. Most of the articles in these periodicals were written by Watchman Nee himself. Some of his coworkers also took notes of his spoken messages and put them into written form. Some other coworkers did the editing work. In this way, many books and booklets were published. Some of these were translated works from very good authors. All of these literary works were in Chinese.

During Watchman Nee's visits to Europe, he delivered messages in English. Angus Kinnear took notes of some of these messages and edited them into books. The first book published was The Normal Christian Life. This book has had great impact on the spiritual life of many christians, both individual and corporate, since its first publication. And then, some more books were published - Sit Walk Stand, Love Not the World, Changed Into His Likeness, What Shall This Man Do? , etc.

Stephen Kaung, one of Watchman Nee's coworkers, moved to USA in 1952. He started to translate Watchman Nee's Chinese books into English and published through his own publishing company, Christian Fellowship Publishers in 1968. The first translated book was The Spiritual Man. These translated works introduced the ministry of Watchman Nee to English world in a fuller way.

The works of Watchman Nee were also translated into many other languages. That's the reason why his messages have global spiritual influence.

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