Jun 26, 2009

Brother Bakht Singh of India(2)

I've read the biography of Bakht Singh, Bakht Singh of India, which was written by T. E. Koshy. I was so touched by the testimonies of Bakht Singh.

From the Acknowledgements, T.E. Koshy told us that Angus Kinnear of England had a plan to write a biography for Bakht Singh. After he knew that T. E. Koshy also had the same plan, he gave all the materials he collected to Koshy and gave him very precious advices.

Angus Kinnear was the author of The Story of Watchman Nee: Against the Tide. When Watchman Nee visited T Austin Sparks in Britain, Kinnear was ready to be a medical missionary to India. Nee’s advice for him was that as a missionary, he should have a learning attitude. Then, he went to India as a missionary and that’s why the first edition of Watchman Nee’s famous book The Normal Christian Life was published in Bombay. It was the first series of messages spoken by Watchman Nee that Angus Kinnear edited. While Kinnear was in India, he worked with Bakht Singh for a period of time. If he had written the biography for Bakht Singh, that would have been a very specail thing, namely, the biographies of the two servants of God raised up in Asia to be written by the same author.

Bakht Singh was born in 1903 and became a Christian in 1929. He went with the Lord in 2000. Brother Bakht Singh of India, the biography written by T. E. Koshy, was first published in 2003.

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