Jul 23, 2009

The Life and Ministry of T. Austin Sparks(3)

In the messages on the life and ministry of T. Austin Sparks, delivered by Hoseah Wu, he shared about the book The School of Christ by Brother Sparks.

I bought this book over eleven years. In the Preface to the third and revised version (1964), Sparks wrote, "Of all the books that have issued from this ministry, I regard this one as that which goes most deeply to the roots and foundations of our life in Christ with God."

There are eight chapters in this book. All the messages were delivered in a conference:

1. The foundation of spiriutal education
2. Learning the truth
3. Learning by revelation
4. The House of God
5. The Light of Life
6. An open heaven
7. Learning under anointing
8. The governing law of divine love

Sparks said, "Then, my advice is that not too much, indeed not a lot, should be attempted at once. Almost every page requires thinking about, and weariness can only overtake if too much is read without quiet meditaion."

Why? because "the ministry contained in this little book has been wrought on the anvil of deep and drastic dealings of God with the vessel. It is not only doctrinal; it is experiential".

"Only those who really mean business with God will take the pains demanded to read it."

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