Jul 15, 2009

Lance Lambert's Personal Testimony

Sometime ago, I found a file of "Personal Testimony of Lance Lambert" on the website of www.christiantapeministry.com and this was an audio record of his personal testimony shared to a group of young people in Seattle Chrsitian Assembly last July (http://www.seattlechristianassembly.org/Messages/SpecialMsgsEn.html).

Lance shared about his family background. His father and many members of his family, who were all Jews, died in Holocaust in Austria. Before this, his father told his mother to go to Britain. She went with Lance and Lance's younger sister who was in mother's womb at that time. In this way, they survived in Britain. However, his mother didn't tell Lance that he was a Jews until he grew up.

Lance also shared how he got saved and how he had a burden for China. Then he saw God's eternal purpose. He prepared himself to serve in China but he could not go there. He stayed in Richmond, Surrey.

In the fifties of last century, God used him and some other saints to raise up a church in Richmond. He also shared what lessons they learned on prayer and faith.

He said they had to find a meeting place at that time. So they prayed together and had a word from the Lord. From that word given by the Lord, they found a place called Halford House. However, they were all young people and did not have much money. Before the deadline of payment, they prayed in one accord to ask God to provide for them. In the meantime, God provided the money in a very wonderful way.

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