May 3, 2010

Audio Files on the School of Prayer by Lance Lambert

I bought the book The School of Prayer in 1996. It was a transcription of a series of messages on corporate prayer given by Lance Lambert. The messages inside the book really took me to another realm.

Then I got a burden to translate this book into Chinese so that those Chinese-reading christians could get the benefit from it as well. In the meantime, I really desired to get the audio tapes to listen. However, I couldn't get them. The Chinese translation of this book was finally published by Cedar Publisher last December. (Click here to see)

Yesterday, when I browsed the personal website of Lance Lambert, I found the audio files of this series of message were available! That's really a pleasant surprise to me. Even though being one of the translators, I am so familiar to these messages, I still would like to listen to them as soon as possible.

They can be downloaded for free. Click here.

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