Aug 6, 2010

West Coast Christian Conference(WCCC) 2010

West Coast Christian Conference is a conference organised by some churches at the west coast of USA and Canada. It has been held yearly since 1986. As far as I know, the emphasis and focus of this conference is placed on God's eternal purpose. Main speakers in this conference in these years include Stephen Kaung, Lance Lambert, Christian Chen, Hoseah Wu, Dana Congdon, Godwin Sun and Kwok-Hin Wong. The conference is usually held in Los Angeles, Seattle or San Francisco. The languages used are English and Chinese.

This year it was held in Los Angelos and just ended on 1st of August. The theme was "The Road of recovering the Testimony of Jesus Christ". The main speakers were Stephen Kaung, Dana Congdon, Kwok-Hin Wong and Godwin Sun.

The messages are now available for download as MP3 file:

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